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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Hiya :) I'm Chris, not much to say really
I'm 5 foot 9 inches
Hispanic (puerto rican-american to be exact)
I have really really dark brown eyes
And curly black hair


Quintyn Vs Callum: Submission training
Quin and Callum have been friends for a good while now and yet poor Callum hadn't been invited to spar or train in the gym Quin frequents. After hearing that Quin had been privately training with their mutual friend Sakata, Callum heads to the address to see if his own wrestling training has helped him improve as a grappler. Callum playfully asked if Quin was avoiding him on purpose when in all honesty he just thought Callum had no interest in ground fighting. After Quin pointed out that Callum would need to go home first and get some more appropriate training gear the cheeky Englishman stripped down to his underwear, a pair of red trunks and they squared off. Quin had been wrestling both freestyle and submission for years so he decided to take it easy on Callum. Let him lock some holds, apply a few easy ones for Callum to escape and learn. Things went nicely the first few minutes until Callum showed what he'd been practicing and caught Quin in a very annoying variation of a crucifix hold.  After being held there for a minute he was starting to get frustrated as his struggling proved futile. But Callum was loving having Quin in his grasp.

Love this pic :D it's one of those that I like more and more every time I look at it. Special thanks to the artist :iconjen-and-kris: who was the sole artist responsible for making this wonderful piece

Quintyn is my own OC
Callum belongs to :iconopant:
Quintyn Marsune MMA Fighter
I really wanted a picture of my ideal image of Quintyn. I was rethinking parts of his history, and while he's been present for awhile I wanted to solidify who Quintyn is as a fighter and a person. One of the best artists around is :iconjen-and-kris: and I know if I clearly explain what I want with visual guides then they can create my vision, I've yet to be disappointed by this artist.

Name: Quintyn "Quin" Marsune
Age: 19 years old
Hair: Short-medium length black hair, brushed back to keep out of his face
Eyes: Golden-yellow
Skin: Natural tan complexion
Nationality: United States Citizen
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
Height: 5 feet 10 inches, 177 cm
Weight: 155 lbs., 70.3 kg

Likes: Coffee, tea, cold weather, dogs, spicy food, anime, history, video games, working out, people who work hard for their goals
Dislikes: Hot weather, cheaters, people who take the easy way in life

Strengths: Grappling, flexibility, stamina
Needs to improve: Kick-boxing, blocking 

Fighting Background: Quintyn's base is wrestling, he's been competing in the sport since he was 8 and has a high school state championship under his belt. In middle school at the age of 12 he took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and realized he loves submission grappling as much as freestyle wrestling. Now at the age of 19 Quin is working to become a more complete fighter while still expanding his grappling abilities. Since going off to college on a wrestling scholarship he has taken up kick-boxing in the hopes of rounding out his skill set to trade holds, punches, and kicks with the toughest fighters out there.

Personal History: Quin grew up in a house with 3 older brothers so needless to say he needed to learn to stick up for himself. His family was big on sports and education and each of the boys was expected to go to college someday, given the family's middle-class income the financial burden of such a feat would be out of his parents means. Instead of paying for school Quin would have to fight for it. His brothers all participated in athletics but when Quin got older he didn't show any interest football or baseball, he didn't fit in well on teams. His parents were concerned but when they saw him choking out one of his older brothers they decided to go out of their comfort zones and enroll him in an after school wrestling program. The sport was a fit. Quin learned the basics of how to wrestle in the later grades of his elementary school years. After a middle school meet where he was completely caught of guard and pinned by unconventional means he learned of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His love of wrestling carried over into BJJ and he took up learning the martial art to grow as a grappler. In high school Quin won the state wrestling championship for his weight class which sealed the deal for a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious university. He's majoring in forensic science with a minor in psychology with the dream of someday working for the FBI. He's still in school however and though he loves his college's wrestling team he's taken to training MMA and participating in local tournaments to earn some extra money. After suffering a few losses he realized he was far from a complete fighter. His grappling skills were superb but his stand-up game was amateur at best. After making friends with some local fighters he took to training at a mixed martial arts gym where he's been trying to learn to kick-box. Since becoming better trained in kick-boxing his win-loss ration has drastically improved and he wins far more than he loses. Quin won't stop until he's a complete fighter in all disciplines of unarmed combat, until he's number 1.

All credit for the art goes to :iconjen-and-kris:

Quintyn is my own OC
Quintyn and Sakata post sparring session
Quintyn has few friends in the world but one of the people he can call up out of the blue when he's in need of a training partner is Sakata Jin. Quin's base is wrestling while Sakata's is boxing, so it was a natural decision they try to compliment the other's weakness. Quin's been trying to learn kick-boxing and mesh it into his fighting style more effectively but Sakata is almost strictly a boxer so after going a few rounds trading blows the boys locked up and had a submission grappling match to help Sakata practice applying and escaping submission holds. Though he put up a good fight Quin was eventually able to stick an arm bar and submit him friend. Once he felt the tap on his leg he released his friend's arm but they were both too tired to stand and so half of Quin's body lied on poor Sakata as they panted, exhausted from the training session.

Really happy with this one! :) the artist responsible for this awesome piece of :iconjen-and-kris:
I really want to thank my good friend :iconrisingphoenixrp: for giving me permission to feature Sakata in this commission. Sakata Jin belongs to him.
Quintyn is my own OC ;)
Quintyn, Ready to Train
I really wanted a nice simple solo pic of my OC Quintyn Marsune and I thought him changing into some gear for a sparring session would do nicely. As usual :iconjen-and-kris: did not disappoint. This picture came out AWESOME the background, the gear, the colors, it's everything I wanted for this pic. So whose going to step onto the mat and training against the brown beast? And what's he training for? Only time will tell.

Full credit for the picture goes to the artist :iconjen-and-kris:
Quintyn is my own OC and belongs to me
HappyChris VS GonzzoArt
I really wanted a picture of myself in a loincloth so I commissioned my good friend :icongonzzoart: for some art of us wrestling. Credit for the pic goes solely to him.

Dude with Glasses is/belongs to :icongonzzoart:
Darker skinned guy is/belongs to me :D!


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